Information Technology is the lifeblood of every company. Hundreds of thousands of tech jobs are being created by U.S. corporations each year, but there are not enough talented people to fill those openings. Despite increased emphasis in schools on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), women and people of color are not participating in or inventing technology. Without them, these pipeline challenges will persist. Necessary Inclusion: Embracing the Changing Faces of Technology not only breaks down the challenges into digestible bites but also provides a road map to solving this ever-expanding problem.

Thought leader and entrepreneur Avis Yates Rivers established her own successful technology company more than three decades ago. Her story shines a spotlight on the importance of strategic mentoring, education, and goal orientation. She is a highly sought-after speaker on the subjects of race, gender and the need to embrace the changing faces of technology. Avis is a long-time advocate for the increased utilization of minority and women-owned businesses and a change agent for increasing the meaningful participation of women and people of color in technology. She serves as a director on the boards of multiple nonprofit organizations and is the National Spokesperson for NCWIT’s “Sit With Me” Campaign. In 2020, Avis founded the TCGi Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to creating the next generation of Black female tech leaders.

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