According to NCWIT’s By the Numbers, “There is uneven participation of women of color in tech, with Asian (7%) women slightly over-represented for their proportion of the population, and Black (3%) and Latina (2%) women under-represented.”

When it comes to technology, it will never be as rich and deep as it could be without the creativity and approach to problem solving that a diverse group brings.

Without diversity, especially in the workplace, we can miss out on the next great thing or idea.

As a female minority business owner and diverse supplier, I have seen the benefits of what happens when there is not only diversity of race and gender, but diversity of thought as well. How any innovations have been missed because there weren’t employees who reflected the consumer and customer base?

This is why I began the TCGi Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to creating the next generation of diverse tech talent. Our mission is to address the diversity gap in tech by breaking down barriers for young Black women studying and entering the field, shifting the mindset of what is possible. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the TCGi Foundation provides scholarships to support educational goals for high school seniors and college students studying technology, as well as mentoring, up-skilling, coaching and advocacy to ensure that these deserving young women gain equal and equitable access to employment opportunities. 

As an entrepreneur, you see a problem and you figure out how to be the solution and bring positive results to that problem. So, I’m addressing the problem of the underrepresentation of Black women in technology as an entrepreneur would.